Fresh off the press

Launching SoftPOS with Nets

Softpay’s mobile application can be downloaded to any Android device and turn it into a full tap-to-mobile payment terminal with PIN combined with Nets’ unmatched payment infrastructure. This will allow merchants to receive payments anywhere in-store. Learn more about the product here. Nets’ payment infrastructure enables the Softpay mobile payment application to conduct in-store payments […]

Our new tap-to-phone app introduced by Salling Group

Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer, has introduced the new tap-to-phone payment application, which is an excellent alternative to physical payment terminals in stores where employees give advice to and guide customers in their search for the right product. Salling Group employees in selected stores and departments equipped with an Android device for scanning goods, […]

Matas launching Softpay’s tap-to-phone app in stores

Matas will be adopting tap-to-phone payment application as a different mobile point of sales solution, which will enable its store employees to advise customers on the shop floor and also receive payment away from the counter. Matas is one of Denmark’s most recognised and most reputable brands. Our tap-to-phone solution The solution, which […]