PIN security

The App supports payment with and without PIN entry. When PIN entry is required, you should ensure that the customer is safe from getting their payment card PIN observed by someone else, and therefore: 

  • Instruct the customer to cover their PIN entry by keeping the device close to their body and/or cover by hand.
  • Dont look at the device when the customer is entering the PIN.
  • Scan the surroundings for other people observing the PIN entry.

Device Security

As a merchant, you should have processes in place to ensure the mobile device and Softpay is keep safe, and updated. 

  • Ensure that only trusted and designated employees have physical and/or logical access to Softpay .
  • The mobile device should be configured to auto-lock after a certain number of minutes of inactivity.
  • Immediately report the loss or theft of a mobile device.
  • If the mobile device leaves the merchant (i.e. for service), the Softpay application should be wiped or blocked.
  • You shall regularly update the firmware and install any Softpay application updates when available.
  • You must protect the mobile device from malware and other threats
  • You may not circumvent any security measures on the mobile device.
  • You may not use a bootloader or root the mobile device.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will cause Softpay to be blocked from usage.