Join the softPOS revolution

Imagine a future where any transaction is simple, safe and always wireless. Hey, hang on a minute. Why dream about it, when we’re already there?

Softpay is already setting the industry standard for softPOS, and we’d like you to join us for the ride.

Softpay softPOS payment terminal

Works on Android 8 and above

No additional dedicated hardware

Integrates with your existing apps

Whatever you use case – we got you covered

Take payments anywhere

Turn most Android 8+ devices with NFC into payment terminals. Accept Visa, Mastercard, BankAxept, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, and Dankort, along with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. More options are coming.

Fast transaction flow

Softpay has the fastest transaction flow in the industry, being ready to tap a card in less than a second and processing in less than two. This works for both standalone and AppSwitch mode.

PIN pad as you know it

Your customers are always secure with our certified and integrated PIN pad module. With Softpay, the numbers are not moved around or scrambled, which can confuse the consumers. A truly mobile payment terminal you can take anywhere.

Standalone or integrated

Already have loyalty programs, running discounts, or other payment systems installed? Through the App Switch API, Softpay is seamlessly integrated into your existing solutions. Or you can run it as a stand-alone SoftPOS payment app. It’s really up to your needs.

Multiple stores and terminals

From single store and one terminal to multi-chain stores with different brands. Softpay supports a broad range of out-of-the-box configurations at different levels. You can experience true mobile terminals, by taking your phone to another store and run there with a single click.


Consumer’s card and PIN data are handled separately and are never stored on the device. The back end is designed according to PCI DSS standards, and the solution is certified by an independent laboratory. Additionally, Softpay runs attestation checks to ensure the integrity and security of the device and its usage.

Easy to integrate

The right way to set up our solution is the way that you choose We provide a flexible solution where your existing Point-of-Sale system can easily integrate into Softpay. And because not everyone has the same preferences, we provide you with several API options.

You can choose to integrate your app to Softpay on the same device with AppSwitch or on a completely different device with our CloudSwitch options.

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softpay appswitch integration with your pos

and more

Card scheme selection for co-badged cards

Payment cancel and refund

Issue receipts via email

Different currencies and languages

End of day reporting 

Extensive API and Documentation

Cloud based

Accept contactless payments

Turn your Android device into a payment terminal today