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How we approach security

Compliant with latest standards

At Softpay, we take care of ensuring the solution is designed and updated according to the current standards and guidelines from EMV and PCI. We operate the solution 24/7 in a cloud-based infrastructure.

Attestation system

A key component in Softpay, is the Attestation system, which is checking the integrity of the device and application and enhance the security of the solution. Attestation is based on a set of key requirements.

Data is never stored on the client

Consumers card and PIN data is handled separately, it is never stored in the client, and the back end is designed according to the PCI DSS information security standard for handling payment data.

Independently certified

Consumer’s card and PIN data are handled separately and are never stored on the device. The back end is designed according to the PCI DSS standards, and the solution is certified by an independent laboratory. Additionally, when setting up a new device, Softpay runs attestation to ensure the integrity and security of the device and its usage.

Easy to integrate

The right way to set up our solution is the way that you choose We provide a flexible solution where your existing Point-of-Sale system can easily integrate into Softpay. And because not everyone has the same preferences, we provide you with several API options.

You can choose to integrate your app to Softpay on the same device with AppSwitch or on a completely different device with our CloudSwitch options.

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