Customer Case: Kitch’n enhances customer experience with Softpay and EG Retail. 

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Myroslava Droniuk


About Kitch’n

Kitch’n, a leading brand under the Homeco trading group, specializes in providing high-quality kitchenware and home interior products. Homeco, the Nordic region’s largest player in this market, operates a total of 279 stores with over 2,000 employees. Known for its strong presence in Norway and Sweden, Homeco’s retail chains include:  

Kitch’n: 144 stores in Norway  

Tilbords: 64 stores in Norway  

Cervera: 71 stores in Sweden 

The Challenge

Kitch’n and CTO Petter Grålumstuen wanted to enhance the customer experience by creating a seamless and integrated shopping journey that delivers a consistent, coordinated, and cohesive experience across channels.

The goal was to enable customers to effortlessly order from a catalog of 21,000+ articles in-store and pay with a simple tap of their card. Kitch’n also offer the flexibility of having parcels delivered to customers’ homes or allowing them to pick up orders in-store. This required a robust and scalable Mobile POS solution that could integrate smoothly with their existing operations.  

The Solution

With a focus on delivering an integrated and smooth customer journey, Kitch’n, along with its sister brands Tilbords and Cervera, decided to implement a flexible and scalable mPOS solution by EG Retail, a market-leading vendor of Nordic vertical software, powered with Softpay tap-to-pay app.  

Zebra E45 devices were chosen to ensure reliable performance, and Elavon was integrated as the acquirer to guarantee secure and efficient payment processing.  

The phased rollout ensures a smooth transition for store staff and customers alike. By the end of May, 30 stores will be operating with the new mPOS system. Kitch’n and Tilbords are the first to launch, with Cervera to follow soon after.  

“The EG Retail Mobile POS paired with Softpay, allows Kitch’n the opportunity to sell any item from anywhere. A user friendly, fully integrated omnichannel mPOS, combined with Softpay’s innovative payment solution, creates numerous opportunities for improving the shopping experience both inside and outside of Kitch’n ‘s stores. – Johannes Klevstuen, Product Manager EG Retail.  

The Benefits

Enhanced flexibility   
The solution delivered by EG Retail and Softpay provides a mobile workforce, enabling Kitch’n, Tilbords, and Cervera to manage transactions anywhere in the store, reducing checkout lines and improving customer service.  

Digital transformation   
This technology not only modernizes the payment process but also integrates seamlessly with Homeco omni-channel strategy. By digitizing and streamlining operations, Kitch’n enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and gains valuable insights through data analytics.   
Scalability and future-proofing   
The solution is designed to scale across extensive store network, providing consistent performance and reliability. Implementing SoftPOS technology ensures Kitch’n stays ahead in the competitive retail market.  

“As the retail industry evolves, it’s crucial to stay ahead by adopting innovative solutions, like SoftPOS, that enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. At Softpay, we’re committed to empowering retailers like Kitch’n with the tools they need to lead the market and meet the dynamic demands of today’s consumers,” said Halvor Kaafjeld, Country Manager at Softpay.  

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