Easy to get going…

It is easier than you think. After downloading, you can be up and running in no time. On any Android device with NFC, you’ll soon be ready to receive payments with our softPOS app. From credit cards and wallets to chips and smartwatches. For every transaction, we’ve got you covered.

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…easy to integrate

But what about your existing hardware and POS-setup? No worries. Softpay can be easily integrated, customised or tailored for what you need. Even if that’s just a simple app-switch.

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With Softpay, you are integrated out-of-the-box with our many partners in the market

Keeping busy

€3m big confidence in Softpay.io!

We have secured over €3m of investment from few selected private investors. Having investment from private investors means that we ...
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Launching softPOS to N. Europe with Nets

Softpay.io’s revolutionary softPOS application can be downloaded to any Android device and turn it into a full tap-to-phone payment terminal ...
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Our new tap-to-phone app introduced by Salling Group

Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer, has introduced the new Softpay.io tap-to-phone payment application, which is an excellent alternative to physical ...
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