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You’re in a fix? Need more information? It’s okay that is what we are here for. Check our FAQ below. In it we’ve answered everything we can think of. But, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you are welcome to give us a call.


Email support@softpay.io

Telephone +45 72 10 00 80


  • Why choose Softpay over a traditional payment terminal?

    In many use cases, there is no need for an expensive dedicated payment terminal. Softpay is an even better solution, that can be used with a consumer phone or multi purpose device. Our open Appswitch SDK enables you to easily integrate Softpay with a POS system.

    Shop assistents, waiters and drivers can easily use the same mobile device they use for other purposes as their new payment terminal and this means that payments can be accepted anywhere, in the shopping aisles, at the table in the restaurant or at the home of someone ordering take-away.

    In some use cases Softpay enables a more personalized shopping experience together with the shop assistent, which can increase the average transaction size up to 30% compared to traditional transations.

  • Which phones can I use as a merchant?

    As a general rule of thumb Softpay can be installed and used on most Android devices that meets these criteria:

    • Running minimum Android 8.0 or above. It is recommended to use Android 10+.
    • Equipped with hardware NFC.
    • Online WIFI or Internet connection.
    • Security patch is less than 12 months old.
    • Google Mobile Services is enabled.

    Both consumer phones (e.g. Samsung, Motorola) and enterprise android devices (e.g. Sunmi, Point Mobile) are supported. 

    Sign in to our developer site to see the fu ll list of requirements and a list of devices that are currently being used. 

  • What payment cards can customers use?

    Merchants can use the following type of cards:

    • Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Dankort.
    • Mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay for the above cards.

    More cards chemes will be added in future releases.

  • Is Softpay safe to use?

    As a softPOS solution, we are required to hold and comply with a number of certifications from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and card schemes (e.g. Visa/Mastercard). The certifications are industry-wide standards and ensures the highest level of safety and integrity of our solution.

    We hold PCI DSS, PCI PIN, TTP and TOP certifications and have completed level 3 certifications together with the acquirer. Softpay therefore has a very high level of security and has been selected by some of the largest merchants.

  • How does Softpay compare to other softPOS solutions?

    We stand out as the leading softPOS solution in the market. Some of the highlights includes:

    • High transaction speed.
    • Unscrambled PIN pad.
    • Fast integration to appswitch SDK.

    75% of retailers reports that wait related issues is the primary reason for loosing customers. High transaction speed is crucial for queue busting to avoid losing revenue. We have built our solution with a high transaction speed in mind, as the ability to complete transactions as fast as possible, is important to ensure a great user experience. 

    Many customers does not recall the actual numbers in their PIN code, but rather the hand movement and the positioning of the individual digit. This causes a problem remembering the PIN code when using a scrambled PIN pad (the numbers on the PIN pad changes position). Unlike other softPOS solutions, our solution comes with an unscrambled PIN pad.

    Our open appswitch SDK, makes it easy to integrate a POS system with Softpay. Most integrators are able to make test transactions through their app within two workdays. The full integration can be done within a week.

    Please see the full list of features here 

  • What does it cost to use Softpay?

    Softpay is a price competitive solution and prices will be decided by the sales partners distributing the Softpay solution. Please contact us at hello@softpay.io to get started. 

  • How do I get started integrating a POS system?

    Integrating a POS system with Softpay comes in 3 steps:

    • Sign in to our developer site for our appsw itch SDK documentation.
    • Complete the integration and make a successful payment in our sandbox environment.
    • Purchase Softpay licenses at a sales partner to make real life transactions in production. 

    If you do not have a sales partner and/or acquirer yet, please contact us at hello@softpay.io to get started .

  • How do I get started without a POS system?

    Simply place an order with the sales partner for Softpay licenses and setup your device.

    1. Install the Softpay app from the Google Play Store
    2. Login with your username and password.
    3. Select the store and start making payments. 

    If you do not have a sales partner and/or acquirer yet, please contact us at hello@softpay.io, to get started .

    If you would like to try a demo version of Softpay, please sign up to our developer site


  • How do I update the security patch on a consumer device?

    For the Softpay app to work, the security patch cannot be more than 12 months old.

    The wording may very depending on the specific devices, but generally you can update the security patch by going to “Settings” > “About device” or “about device” > “Software update” > “Check for updates”.

  • How do I auto update the Softpay app on a consumer device?

    For consumer devices, all apps can be auto updated by opening the play store app > tap the profile icon at the top right > “Settings” > “Network Preferences” > enable “Auto-update apps”. 

    If you only want to auto update the Softpay app you can open the Play Store app > Tap the profile icon at the top right > “Manage apps and devices” > “Manage” tab > tab the Softpay app icon to get to the apps “Details page” > tab the icon with the three dot up in the right hand corner > enable “auto update”.

  • When I try to log in, I get following message(s): “Please check if your username (or password) is correct”

    The username and/or password is incorrect. In most cases, the password is incorrect. By clicking on the “eye icon” on the right where you enter the password, you can see what you have written. 

    Try two ways on inserting username and password (1) by copy/pasting and (2) by writing character by character manually. If this the doesn´t work, try to reinstall the app. 

    Finally make sure that you are typing username and password for production into the production app (downloaded from Google Play Store), in case you have access to our sandbox app

  • Selecting store during configuration takes a long time

    In rare cases the configuration can take up to 10-15 minutes after selecting a store. 

    Please wait until the configuration is done.

  • When I tap the card, I get a massage saying “Too fast. Try again.”

    The card is not being tapped on the exact spot where the NFC is located. Find out where exactly the NFC chip / antenna is located (on both devices if you are using a paywallet on a secondary device). 

    For some devices the NFC is located under the camera, for others is it located lower towards the bottom.

    Also please note, that the location of the NFC may very depending on the card scheme (e.g. Visa & Mastercard).

    To locate the NFC: 

    • Make sure the card/paywallet is close enough to the device.
    • Lay a card on the table and slow move the phone from in the length direction of the phone until you reach the NFC.
    • Keep your hand steady until transaction has been completed.
  • The app keeps spinning, after I have entered the amount and initiated a transaction.

    Check that your internet/wifi is turned on and that you have a stable connection. If not, try to change location or connection.

  • How do I send a receipt on a prior transaction?

    Press the menu icon on the top left corner > “Transactions” > Click on the specific transaction > Press the icon the with the three dots in the top right corner > “Email receipt” > enter email and press “continue”.

  • I am unable to cancel the payment.

    Is it only possible to cancel the latest transaction within a 10-minute time-limit. If the refund feature has been enabled on your device, you can create a refund transaction.

  • What do I do if my device gets lost or stolen?

    Please get in touch with the sales partner where you purchased the Softpay licenses to block the device. Once your device has been blocked, you can login with the Softpay app on a new device.

  • How do I exit the Softpay app, when logging out is not possible?

    When you have reached the transaction screen, the app will appear in full screen mode (the navigation buttons in the bottom of the screen does not appear). To make the home button appear, swipe up from the very bottom of the phone.

Integrations FAQ

  • How to get started?

    Sign-up to our developer site where you wil l find in-depth technical guides, API, code examples and much more, to get going. Reach out to Softpay support with any quest ions you might have, and they will help out. 

  • What is on-device app switching?

    Gives the ability to switch between your POS application and the Softpay application on the same device as part of a payment flow, including an an amount and a set of parameters. The consumer taps their card, and when complete, the the Softpay app can automatically switch back to your POS app. For AppSwitch and CloudSwitch the switch can be 2-way, where there for Deep Linking is not switch back.

  • What is off-device payment request?

    A payment transaction can be started from another device, computer or system, such as a stationary POS system, Windows computer, etc. The transaction will be send as a hidden push notification to the Android device, where it will start up a payment action in the Softpay app. Status of the payment and result will be available in the REST based Cloud API. 

  • What is Store Card?

    The Store Card details feature makes it possible to capture card data in-store with a Softpay terminal and store card tokens at a PSP for e-commerce. 

    This functionality provides a convenient way for businesses to offer recurring payments, subscriptions and loyalty programs, fostering customer retention and satisfaction.