Softpay is easy to setup and integrate

We provide a flexible solution where your existing Point-of-Sale system can easily integrate into Softpay. And because not everyone has the same preferences, we provide you with several API options.


Cloud switch

Deep linking

AppSwitch Softpay softPOS integration option


AppSwitch is for companies that have their own Android POS application. It offers a secure and seamless app-to-app integration, with both apps running on the same device.

We provide an Appswitch client library and sample code, to include in your POS application, and you should be able to accept integrated payments within a few days. Appswitch will provide you with the most options for integration.

Framework compatibility

Written in Kotlin and designed to work easily with both Kotlin, Java, and Xamarin apps. You can also use other cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Capacitor, or Apache Cordova through plugins.

Scalable setup

You can login and configure Softpay from your POS app, thereby making the flow more seamless for the merchant. It is more scalable with many terminals since the POS app can manage the Softpay App.

Loyalty flow

Appswitch has the ability to provide a loyalty token from the card tap and share this with your POS application during the payment flow and the option of changing the amount for a discount.


CloudSwitch is a compelling alternative to AppSwitch and is intended for companies who prefer a backend-centric integration approach, through a REST API.

It does not have the same need for a client POS application, but there is an option to use it with a client-side JavaScript, and which could enable your browser-based POS to have a user experience similar to AppSwitch.

CloudSwitch Softpay softPOS integration option

Integrate without mPOS

You do not need an mPOS app and Softpay can be integrated as a standalone app from a back-end ECR/POS system (off-device).

Or with web-based mPOS

You can get a great UX experience when switching between your POS app and the Softpay app just by using JavaScript and your browser-based mPOS to integrate with Softpay.

Cloud API

You can access data for all of your terminals and devices through the Cloud API, where Appswitch works on a device level. Check options on our developer site.

Deep Linking

This integration is quite easy and basic, if you only need the ability to start a Payment from a POS client, but also comes with some limitations.

Deep linking allows an on-device POS (web) app or native Android app to initiate 1-way payment transactions via a link. Once the payment is complete, the POS app will not be notified about the outcome or result, and the user may have to manually navigate back to the POS app.

If you need more capabilities, you should implement either AppSwitch or CloudSwitch.

Comparison of integration options

FeaturesAppSwitchCloudSwitchDeep Linking
Integration methodClient library embedded in Android POS appREST API with optional POS javascript switchingURL link to Softpay app with basic parameters
On-device app switching2-way2-way1-way
Off-device payment request
Payments with loyaltyPlanned
Store card details for eCommercePlanned

Integrations FAQ

  • How to get started?

    Sign-up to our developer site where you wil l find in-depth technical guides, API, code examples and much more, to get going. Reach out to Softpay support with any quest ions you might have, and they will help out. 

  • What is on-device app switching?

    Gives the ability to switch between your POS application and the Softpay application on the same device as part of a payment flow, including an an amount and a set of parameters. The consumer taps their card, and when complete, the the Softpay app can automatically switch back to your POS app. For AppSwitch and CloudSwitch the switch can be 2-way, where there for Deep Linking is not switch back.

  • What is off-device payment request?

    A payment transaction can be started from another device, computer or system, such as a stationary POS system, Windows computer, etc. The transaction will be send as a hidden push notification to the Android device, where it will start up a payment action in the Softpay app. Status of the payment and result will be available in the REST based Cloud API. 

  • What is Store Card?

    The Store Card details feature makes it possible to capture card data in-store with a Softpay terminal and store card tokens at a PSP for e-commerce. 

    This functionality provides a convenient way for businesses to offer recurring payments, subscriptions and loyalty programs, fostering customer retention and satisfaction.

  • Are all listed features available to everybody?

    Most features are available to all, but note that Loyalty, Store Card and Surcharge have dependencies on the Acquirer and the agreement with Softpay. Contact Softpay Sales if you have a need for any of these features.

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