Softpay 1.6 - and beyond

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Henrik Koch Nielsen

Summer and holiday season is coming up, so it is time for an update on the latest Softpay release and what we have cooking for the near future.

With Softpay 1.6 we have focused on the UI, the tap card experience and fixing various bugs. The major improvements are:

  • The app will always run in full screen and better detect Android notifications that could disturb the application and PIN entry
  • When tapping a card, there is now a “Remove card” message if the card is kept in the NFC field and PIN is needed
  • Navigation menu has been re-worked and UI has been improved
  • Wait times have been decreased for when the configuration of the App is needed.

Appswitch SDK 1.4.2 has also been released with a few improvements and fixes. There are no changes to the API, and it can be updated when convenient.

We have previously released new features such as configuration from POS and the ability to enable linked refund check, which are being used by a number of merchants and partners. They are described more in detail on where you also find the full release notes for the current and previous version of the App and the Appswitch SDK.

Next releases

We are currently working on some of the next features and improvements to Softpay, that will come during 2nd half of 2022. Here are the top 3 most requested features, that you can look forward to.

Support for tablets. While Tap to Phone solutions are mostly meant for phones, we will start supporting certain tablet devices and use these for customer facing payments. Softpay will be able to run in landscape mode and the UI will adjust to these physically larger devices. We will also enhance the UI to make it easier for the cardholder to understand without any guidance.

Store Card and Omnichannel. With the Store Card feature, merchants can onboard customers with less friction to subscription services or loyalty programs in-store. We will make it possible for POS apps to initiate a payment flow where Softpay can store the payment card details and customer acceptance (PIN entry) for future e-commerce payments at a PSP. The Store Card feature has to be supported by the Acquirer and the PSP.

Cloud Switch. We will extend the ways you can integrate to Softpay and give greater flexibility. A new Cloud API will be provided that gives POS vendors and developers the ability to start payments from 3rd party systems without the need for an Appswitch integration or App development. Cloud Switch will be a supplement to Appswitch, and over time we will enhance it to have more features.

For questions and feedback, you are always welcome to contact us at

Have a great summer.

The Softpay team