Softpay 2.0: Seamlessly Integrate Payments Your Way

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Myroslava Droniuk

We are delighted to announce the release of Softpay version 2.0, now available for download on the Google Play Store. With this release, we have focused on developing various integration options, enabling you to seamlessly integrate payments in your preferred manner.

In response to valuable customer feedback, we have introduced CloudSwitch, a new integration feature that provides an alternative approach to utilizing our SoftPOS solution. With CloudSwitch, there is no longer a requirement to have an Android mPOS application on your device.

This feature enables you to have use cases where, for instance, a Windows-based POS can initiate contactless payment on your Android phone. Moreover, with Softpay 2.0, we enhanced support for browser-based applications.

Softpay 2.0 Key Features & Updates

  • CloudSwitch Feature and API: Enabling integrators to seamlessly connect their back-end systems with Softpay without the need for an Android mPOS application.
  • New client-side integration options enabling both deep linking and JavaScript based app switching.
  • UX improvements and Bug Fixes: Several minor crashes and bugs have been addressed, ensuring a smoother experience.

Please note that Softpay 2.0 will be available in Norway at a later date. In the meantime, you can try it out in our Sandbox environment.
Check our developer site for the detailed release notes.

Softpay 2.0.0

Easy to setup and integrate

We provide a flexible solution where your existing Point-of-Sale system can easily integrate into Softpay. And because not everyone has the same preferences, we provide several API options: AppSwitch, CloudSwitch, and Deep Linking. To learn more, read the article about the various integration options.

Comparison of Softpay integration options

FeaturesAppSwitchCloudSwitchDeep Linking
Integration methodClient library embedded in Android POS appREST API with optional POS javascript switchingURL link to Softpay app with basic parameters
On-device app switching2-way2-way1-way
Off-device payment request✖️✖️
Payments with loyaltyPlanned✖️
Store card details for eCommercePlanned✖️

In conclusion, Softpay 2.0 brings exciting updates and features to enhance your payment integration experience. With the introduction of CloudSwitch, we’ve opened up new possibilities for a more seamless integration process, eliminating the need for an Android mPOS application. This means greater flexibility, allowing Windows-based POS systems to initiate contactless payments on Android devices. Furthermore, Softpay 2.0 offers enhanced support for browser-based applications, making it even more versatile.

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