Softpay Tap-to-Pay App now available on iMin devices

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Myroslava Droniuk

We are excited to announce the integration of the Softpay Tap-to-Pay App into the iMin ecosystem. The app can be downloaded from the iMin App Store and used directly from the iMin Swift 1 Pro smart POS device and the Swift 2 Pro mobile POS device. This collaboration also includes Postronic AB, a crucial partner and reseller of iMin devices in Scandinavian countries.

The Softpay app allows you to securely accept contactless payments on iMin GMS and non-GMS POS devices. It supports multiple acquirers and card schemes in Europe, including VISA, Mastercard, Dankort, BankAxept, Discover, Diners Club International, and AMEX, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This offers businesses a flexible way to tap into an existing payment ecosystem without the need to change acquirers or banks.

“By integrating Softpay with iMin POS devices, we are advancing the accessibility and convenience of contactless payments. This empowers mobile workforces for businesses and ensures a seamless customer experience.” – Ivan Sandqvist, CEO at Softpay.

About iMin Swift Devices

Designed as lightweight printing powerhouses, iMin’s Swift devices offer unparalleled payment processing capabilities. Featuring an ultra-large display, express printing, a removable battery, an ultra-large printing roll, and NFC compatibility, iMin devices are the premier choice for restaurants and food delivery services seeking efficient and reliable payment solutions.

Selecting the right payment device is crucial for business operations. iMin’s NFC-equipped POS devices, Swift 1 Pro and Swift 2 Pro, along with the Softpay Tap-to-Pay App, offer a reliable and efficient transaction experience. iMin offers GMS (Google Mobile Service) certified devices, and we are one of the select commercial hardware companies honored with Google’s Enterprise Device Licensing Agreement (EDLA) protocol.

iMin also has the leading enrollment/partner portal (MDM) called iMin Kit, where you can enroll in all iMin products and Softpay integrations from anywhere in the world. This makes the onboarding process and future support seamless.

About Softpay, headquartered in Copenhagen, is a leading European paytech company revolutionizing the payment landscape with its tap-to-phone solution. By transforming any Android device into a contactless payment terminal, Softpay enables businesses to accept payments effortlessly. Supporting both local and international card schemes Softpay provides flexible payment options for merchants and customers. With a streamlined integration process, Softpay has emerged as the preferred tap-to-phone technology provider for over 50 partners across Europe. For more information, visit

About iMin Technology

iMin, a Singapore company founded in 2018, holds the esteemed title of being the No.1 Trusted Android POS Hardware Brand in Southeast Asia. iMin develops and provides a wide range of intelligent commercial hardware solutions that can help companies run more efficiently and seamlessly. iMin’s global footprint now extends to over 50+ countries, solidifying valuable partnerships with international collaborators. iMin’s commitment to continuous product upgrades ensures superior performance and efficiency for various commercial applications. For further information, visit, iMin LinkedIn profile or contact

About Postronic AB

Founded in January 1999, Postronic AB meets the market’s increasing needs for future store data products. Specializing in the sale and marketing of hardware within POS systems, Postronic serves as a crucial partner and reseller of iMin devices in Scandinavian countries. For more information, visit

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