Fresh off the press

Dyreparken Streamlines Payment Operations with Yonoton and Softpay: A Success Story   

Yonoton, a prominent provider of digital omnichannel ordering and customer engagement solutions, has partnered with Softpay, a leading tap-to-phone technology provider, to revolutionize Dyreparken’s operational efficiency.        Through this collaborative effort,, Norway’s largest and most well-known family and tourist theme park, has harnessed the power of SoftPOS technology to enhance its mobile workforce capabilities […]

SoftPOS in action. Paynt example.

Our partner Paynt, a SoftPOS technology provider, posted on Linkedin an excellent example of a SoftPOS use case during music festivals, outdoor events, and lively parades. This is why business needs a Softpay mPOS terminal solution that transforms any Android device into a payment terminal. Autumn is the perfect time to reflect on the summer. And all […]